Where to Earn Free Cryptocurrencies? An Updating Story

1. Odysee, Free Lbry Credit (LBC)

Odysee, a video-sharing platform built on LBRY blockchain, Odysee has been described as decentralized alternatives to YouTube. Watching, uploading videos, and inviting others to join Odysee all will get free lbry credit reward.

Our affilicate link to join Odysee, both of us will get some free lbry credit:$/invite/ABrPEHFkcgnmczba5cC6AUXGqo1jARLY

2. Presearch, Free PRE token

Presearch is a decentralized search engine powered by blockchain. After you register an account and use it to search, it will reward 0.12 PRE token per search and with max 30 times rewards per day, it means you can get max 3.6 PRE token per day. When you reach 1000 tokens, you can withdraw the tokens to your own wallet.

By the way, PRE is an ERC-20 token, which means it’s issued on Ethereum blockchain.

You can register your presearch account to earn free PRE token by our refferal link, we both will get some bonus:

3. Pi, Free Pi Coin

Pi claimed itself as the first mobile mining blockchain project. The project has begun over two years. The mainnet is still not available yet, at this monment, users can use mobile phones to download their apps to mine the Pi coins on the phone. But there is a catch, after the mining, you don’t acturally owe the coins yet, you have to wait until the mainnet online, then you need to use your goverment issued ID to claim the coins you will have mined. The purpose of the KYC from the Pi project is that they are against coins hoarding by users with multiple mobile phones, because getting mutiple phones are much easier than getting mutiple IDs. The Pi Project doesn’t want the bitcoin situation comes to Pi blockchain: a few people control the most bitcoins, and most have none. It’s a very ideal odeology, will it work? We can only leave the answer to the future.

Some people may have negative feeling of the KYC, it’s totally up to you. From our perspective, Pi seems a promising project, and it doesn’t cost you anything expect a little bit of your time everday, you need to renew the mining on the app after every 24 hours (which is a mining circle on Pi blockchain). 

Just keep in mind, few people took bitcoin serious at its early stage. So, Pi coin is not risky at all, then why not?

So, the choice is yours, if you happen to want to give it a shot, you can find our invitation link and code below. By the way, Pi coin mining is invited only, you need to register from a invitation link or have an invitation code.

Pi apps download invitation link:

Pi coin mining invitation code: realfool




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