What is Merkava Tank | Israeli Merkava Main Battle Tank

Merkava Tank – Israeli Merkava Main Battle Tank  – Merkava Tank is a main battle tank used by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). The tank began development in 1970, and entered official service in 1979.

Here are the four main variants of the tank that have been deployed.

– The first Merkava tanks, Merkava Mark 1, were fielded in April 1979. Those tanks took part in actual operations during the Peace for Galilee War and proved themselves to be more effective than all other tanks in the theatre.

– The second generation, Merkava Mark 2, was first delivered in 1984. Production of this version began shortly after the adoption of the Merkava in 1983, and continued until 1989. It is basically the Merkava Mark 1 with extra armor and an improved fire control system.

– The Third generation, Merkava Mark 3, was introduced in 1990 and became the backbone of the Israeli Armor Corp. It features a larger g un, a threat warning system, and more advanced modular armor that can be changed in the field.

– The last one is Merkava Mark 4 which entered production in 2001. It is the fourth production model of the Israeli Merkava Main Battle Tank series. The Mark 4 offered improvements in Firepower, Protection and Mobility over the Merkava Mark 3, but retaining the same unique troop section in the hull rear and the engine compartment in the front.


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