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Tons of Videos for how to make money on YouTube, Some work, and some don’t. This one with YouTube Shorts and TeeSpring combination is a practical strategy.

Step 1: Find your niche.

It can be what you are good at, like sports, fitness, business, finance, etc. It also can be what is popular and trending, like funny pets, cryptocurrencies, etc. There are a lot of tools for you to find the niches, Google Trends, Good Keyword Planner, Youtube, and any other tools.

Step 2: Find the videos.

Search on YouTube with filter by Creative Commons and View Count, Creative Commons avoids any copyright issue and View Count allows you find the most viewed videos.

Step 3: Make your own shorts.

Use an online tool to download the YouTube video you found (use keyword “YouTube MP4” in any search engine, Google, DuckDuckGo, you will find tons of online tools), then move to Canvas. On Canvas, edit the video into the available shorts video you are going to upload on your own channel.

Step 4: Open a TeeSpring Store.

Set up your own TeeSpring store, it’s free. Then design your own merchandises in your store.

Step 5: Upload the shorts video and put the merch links in the description.

Upload your shorts video on YouTube with proper optimization, including a nice and eye-catching title, description, and tags( video keywords), and in the shorts description area put your TeeSpring Store links for buyers to click and reach the merchandises you are selling.

Last: Some products we think amazing for you to start your YouTube online business.

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