Learn 60 English Action Verbs In Under 10 Minutes! Acted Out For Easy Memorization!

Action verbs our body can perform or be performed on, from part to part.

Time Stamps:

0:48) With eyes – close, open, blink, stare, wink, cover

1:30) With head – nod, shake

1:49) With nose – pick, blow, sneeze, sniff, plug, wiggle

2:29) With mouth – talk, speak, whistle, sing, whisper, hum, kiss, eat, chew, cough, lick

3:34) With ears – plug, cover, pull on, cup

4:12) With hands – pinch, poke, punch, slap, yank, tug, pull on, push on, snap, flick, point, swat, clap, applause, shake, wave, tickle, rub, squeeze, pet, shrug, hug

7:42) With feet – trip, slip, jump, hop, squat, kick, run, walk, tiptoe, skip


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